It’s Still Cousin Stizz

Cousin Stizz

There is no other talent in rap right now that’s moving my life the way Cousin Stizz is at the moment. Every time I hear one of his songs, an overwhelming feeling of possibility surges through me. It’s a feeling which entraps me in a thought that anything is possible. That I too can accomplish great things in this world with a little dedication and belief in myself.

For the last several years Hip Hop has been polluted and plagued with a bunch of ignorant, talent-less, pulled out the claw machine ass “Rappers”. So-called artists who consistently deliver an ulterior message, gripping the souls of so many youngins. It’s something that both the media and the fans have played an equal part in the development of. They feed us the bull, then we proceed to eat it up and return.

I’ve spent countless amount of hours listening to ‘Monda’ and ‘Suffolk County’ over the last several weeks. The music doesn’t get old and the message Cousin Stizz delivers resonates well. It’s survival of the fittest in the utmost hungriest and humble of ways. A message that a guy like me from the south side of Chicago can relate all too well with.

I urge you to give Cousin Stizz a spin if you haven’t already. The music is magic and his message inspires.

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Listen to Cousin Stizz: Spotify | Apple


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